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February 21st, 2007

biblionerd_girl @ 01:18 pm: Just added to my library list...
thisCollapse ) looks to be an amzing novel

February 14th, 2007

biblionerd_girl @ 02:15 pm: My 2007 reading list thus far:
The Non-Fiction Goodies:

*The Places In Between -Rory Stewart: an amazing story, thoughtfully written, prone to making me put it down and wonder why the hell I am not travel writing right now.
*The Assassin's Gate-George Packer: dense but readable...fresh eye view of a situation of gargantuan proportions.
*Paris to the Moon- Adam Gopnik: Love him in the New Yorker...this selection includes some pieces written for the magazine but expand to include his entire time living in Paris. It was frothy in parts but I enjoyed it.

The Fiction ones:

*The Kill Artist-Daniel Silva: Daniel Silva writes in a tense speed that does not stop. His descriptions of European cities and food have a Hemingway-esque tone that appeals to my love of simple and buttery details.
*Prince of Fire-Daniel Silva (schlock cheese spy fiction.. love it, love it...)
*Forever-Pete Hamill: been told I needed to read it for years and can now see why. Fantastical and adventurous...appeals to NYC buffs, histiry buffs and those looking for a generational saga of a man who can't leave the island of Manhattan in order to keep his immortality.
*Spandau Phoenix-Greg Iles (again with the spies...)

The ones I'm reading now:

*The Castle in the Forest-Norman Mailer (already proving to be wonderful....)
*The Marching Season-Daniel Silva (I need a break from the spies.. this will be the last for a bit)
*Prince of the Marshes-Rory Stewart

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biblionerd_girl @ 09:15 am: New Digs
Suggestions for a new book? Do tell...

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